NDI Polyurethane Drive Wheel

Item No.: 1
Drive wheel is installed on the gear box with drive motors to be drive unit for forklift trucks and other industrial vehicles. Drive wheel is made of NDI polyurethane material with heavy load capacity, long run and tearing resistance properties.
Drive wheel is installed with drive motor to form the drive unit for industrial vehicles. It has lower rolling resistance and outstanding grand gripping performance for vehicles or tranportors. So it provides excellent tractions!
Polyurethane drive wheel is manufactured by CJC for electrical forklifts, AGVs, wheeled transports and autonomous mobile robots etc. The NDI material tire tread is much better than common polyurethane, such as TDI, MDI etc.
CJC has the engineering capability to take NDI polyurethane processing technology to molding the wheel, which makes polyurethane wheels more load capacity, Non marking properties etc. Advanced adhesion technology offers the strong bond with metals. Our wheels are the one source of AGVs and forklift manufacturers.