Friction Drive Wheel for Monorail Transport Systems

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Drive wheels for suspended monorail are made high performance polyurethane elastomer with hardness Shore A 95 .  Drive wheels have high abrasion resistance, good braking effect, high friction value,  lower heat build-up etc.
Description Factory environment
CJC develops and manufactures monorail drive wheels for mining industry, life time is up to 2000 hours,  working temperature range from -10℃ to +40℃。 

CJC compounds and casting NDIthaneTM material for tread of drive wheels with high friction value and high abrasion resistance to improve the drive power and endurance. 

Drive wheels are available for following brands of monorail, including Scharf, Becker, Famur, Ferrit, Bevex, Stavus, etc, available diameter from 340mm to 450mm. 

Monorail                                                                                                                    Drive Wheel

Friction drive wheel