Heavy Duty Twin Wheel Swivel Caster

Heavy Duty Twin Wheel Swivel Caster is uesd in mechanical engineering and material handling industry. It has high load capacity and flexible steering properties.
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NDI polyurethane heavy-duty caster consist of heavy-duty metal frame, roller bearing and ball bearings and NDI polyurethane tread.

Heavy-duty metal frame are welded by precision machined steel plates with heavy load capacity, improved stability, and a large eccentric structure.
It has two bearings: tapered roller bearing and ball bearing, which ensure the high load capacity and steering flexibility. NDI polyurethane heavy-duty Swivel Caster adopts double-wheel structure and has higher load capacity. Meanwhile, the wheel tread is made of NDI polyurethane material, which provide more high load, high anti-abrasion resistance and high tear resistance properties etc.  Heavy duty caster is installed on industrial vehicles for low speed and heavy load applications, such as forklifts, stackers, heavy load transporters, etc.