Lift Buffer

Item No.: 6
Lift buffer are light weight design, made of microcellular polyurethane material with excellent dynamic performance and load & deflection curve.

Lift Buffer

Micro-cellular polyurethane has very high volume compressibility with minimal lateral expansion. We can manufacture the material density from 350kg/m³ to 800kg/m³. It has very high tensile strength and abrasion resistance and offers very good static and dynamic charicteristics. Jounce bumpers build up heat from high speed and load cirecle within 80℃. All these factors bring lift buffer very excellent damping performance as spring aid. 

    We has strong capability to formulate different bases urethane to foam the lift buffers to meet different shapes , sizes and applications. Our fully automatic production lines ensure cellular polyurethane high performance and high production efficiency. These buffers are widely used in crane industry, high speed punching press industry, and other machinery also.