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Material Technology

   Material Technology is the  "cornerstone" of CJC. The material portfolio includes Rubber Series, Polyurethane Series, Silicone Series, and Thermoplastic Series.  Meanwhile, all the materials are not only for solid elastomer but also for foam material, including different foaming structures, such as micro-cellular, closed-cell, etc.  

Rubber Series: NR, EPDM, NBR,FKM, CR,SBR, IR, IIR, etc.                                            
Polyurethane Series: NDI,MDI,PPDI,TODI. 

Silicone Series: liquid silicone rubber, mix silicone rubber.   
Thermoplastic Series: TPU, TPE, TPV.  
Material Performance Characteristics and Specifications :
conductivity: insulationElectric conductionAnti-static
dynamic performance: Load deflectionDamping
dimension stability: Compression setThermal resistanceChemical resistance
mechanical property:Reboundtensile strengthTearing resistance abrasion resistanceDurability


All materials are developed by our chemical engineering
group and have been tested for more than one year for
quality ensurance. There is a wide range of "State of Art"  
material compounding facilities, including milling
equipment and reators. In-house material  production
ensure the supply chain and material quality for the 
subsequent molding production.