Polyurethane Press-on tyres

Polyurethane press-on tyre has high bearing capacity, strong wear resistance, tear resistance, no marking, excellent traction bearing capacity and braking function. With minimal compression deformation and excellent bearing capacity, the tire can effectiv
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    Polyurethane press-on tyre with the use of advanced technology of metal rubber bonding, make the metal rim and polyurethane tread closely integrated, high load, strong wear resistance, tear resistance, no mark, due to the wide range of tread contour and texture design, pressure distribution of steady performance and braking performance is good, can adapt to indoor smooth, uneven, water cut, oil on the ground. 
   Polyurethane pressure distribution is mainly installed in electric forklift truck, trailer, stacker, material handling machinery, used for indoor work more scenes, pressure distribution with minimal compression deformation, good bearing capacity, effective distribution of load of gravity, increase the forklift, stacker operating flexibility, improve the stability, at the same time, the characteristics of pressure with no tag is beneficial to protect the ground, high wear-resistant tensile properties can reduce wear and tear, ensure durability.

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