Polyurethane Rail Wheels with High Friction Value in Contact with Rail and Steel Plate

Item No.: 3
Fricthane rail wheel made of NDI polyurethane elastomer has excellent coefficiency of friction in contact with rail and steel plate. Meanwhile they have high abrasion resistance, low rolling resistance, high load capacity and high durability.
Description Factory environment
   Polyurethane rail wheel is designed and developed specially for rail transport applications, such as automotive manufacturing, bridge crane, overhead crane, water treatment equipments, dock rail transport machinery, roller coasters, warehouse material handling equipment, bridge construction machinery, rotary drum machinery etc. These applications all need wheels and rollers running on the rail. 
   These polyurethane rail wheels are designed based on the parameters of  load capacity, running speed, traction power, rolling resistance etc. The wheels will be simulated by computor aided engineering to confirm the design. We provide drive wheels, load wheels, idle wheel, guide wheels or rollers for rail industry. 

Low rolling resistance, 
High wear resistance, good tear resistance
Resistant to hydrolysis, high temperature, oil corrosion
Low endogenous heat, high load, low compression set 
High coefficiency of friction.