Wheels and Rollers Manufacturer

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    Core Competence of YALIDE



Base on our Polymer Materials Technology, we synthesise,compoud or modify polymer materials to meet the fuctional performance for various applications. Then we provide engineering support to design parts/components and process, including FA verification and quality control. After the products approval, the products will be flowed to our advanced relative production lines with high efficiency and high quality control.



Technologies of YALIDE

YALIDE alway keeps improving our technology of "Polymer Materials" as "Cornerstone of Develpment".  We develop the materials with higher performance in mechanical properties, dynamic performance, electrical conductivity, reliabity and durability etc by compounding, sythensising and modifying process. Our material cotagory including polyurethane, rubber, thermalplastic elastomers, etc. 
Engineering capacity provides us to analyse and design the products as customers' requirements and applications by FEM. Engineers have rich materials knowlege to select the optimal material and process. 
Manufacturing technologies inlcude casting, molding, foaming and injection four processes in our plants. The in-house manufacturing bring us more production capacity and posibility for expanding business in new markets and fields, meanwhile short lead time and quality control to customers.