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Wide Format Rubber Rollers

Item No.: 16
Rubber Rollers for Large Format Scanner, Printer and folder. Max Length for 60" width. Highly precise grinded surface to keep the runout tollerance and coefficience of friction.
CJC is the leading supplier of wide format rubber roller for wide format industry, including wide format printers, wide format scanners, wide format folders, etc. 

We provide wide format folding rollers, wide format transport rollers, wide format printer rollers, wide format drive rollers, wide format anti-static rubber rollers, wide format foam rollers, including color printers series etc.

The rubber rollers are molded or assemblied with high precise dimensions and tiny runout tolerance.

1. High abrasion resistance, high durability
2. Stable rubber materials, no rubber ingredients migration. 
3. Good bonding result, enough torque and bonding strength
4. No swelling and cracking
5. Stable precise dimensions and tiny runout.