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Friction Drive Wheel



Polyurethane NDIthane wheels for monorail transport systems are made of NDIthane 95 elastomer. The normal wheel diameters are 340mm,350mm, 355mm, 360mm, 400mm. The coefficiency of friction between the wheel and rail is about 0.2-0.45.
NDIthane 95 is one special polyurethane elastomer with good heat resistance and load-bearing capacity. So the wheel can bear the 8-11 Mpa clamping force for a long time to provide tractive force.


Analysis of Failure


Advantages of our friction drive wheel:

  • Excellent resistance to mechanical wearing
  • Higher load-bearing capacity
  • Good friction and traction
  • Good heat resistance
  • Long run
  • Resistance to wet slip
  • Flame retardant and Antistatic.
  • Excellent braking effect


   2.Bonding Failure

       3.Mechanical Wearing