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Polyurethane wheels for Material Handling

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Yalide develops and manufactures polyurethane wheels and rollers made of NDIthane elastomer with high load capacity and high abrasion resistance, including forklift drive wheel, forklift load wheel, forklift press on tire, forklift pallet roller etc.
Material Handling Polyurethane Wheels/Forklift Polyurethane Wheels

We provide total polyurethane wheel solution for material handling industry to meet the strict requirements of reliability and durabiltiy, including high performation polyurethane material design, wheel design and assembly services. We supply polyurethane wheels for OE manufacturers like forklifts, AGVs, Stackers, Floor transporters, and other automated warehouse systems.

The wheels we supply include drive wheels(keyway drive wheels also), load wheels, press on tyre, pallet rollers, guide rollers, stacker wheels, etc.

We choose the Naphthalene-1.5-Diisocyanate for our high performance polyurethane elastomer because of excelent machenical properties and outstanding dynamic performance. By our core competence ”Polymer Technology”, we compound, synthesis and modify in-house polyurethane materials to set up our unique material system for material handling industry: Loadthane, Fricthane, Fasthane, Coldthane and Staticthane. Throught FEA model, we finalize the wheel design to fullfil the best reliabiltiy and durability.



Reliability and Durability of our wheels showing on the following Advantages:

  •  Excellent resistance to mechanical wearing
  • Higher load bearing capacity
  • Resitance to tearing,cutting, impacting
  • Minimum low compression set
  • Long Run and good heat resistance
  • Strong bonding strength, no failure
  • No marking and silent when running
  • Operating temperatures range from -40°C/+80°C and sometimes up to +120°C。
  • Resistance to Ozone, hydrocarbons, greases and solvents etc