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Stacker Crane Polyurethane Wheels

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Polyrethane drive wheels  is installed on stacker crane for automated warehouse system, AS/RS for pallets and boxes. The features are high load capacity, excellent braking performance, high tracking force, long run for start and brake, no bonding failure
Product parameters
Polyurethane wheels: Stacker crane
Polyurethane Wheels For Stacker Crane and Automated Warehouse System.
Polyurethane drive wheels is installed on stacker crane for automated warehouse system For meeting the requirements like long run, no running noise, no bonding failure, high speed, high load capacity, good braking effect, etc, we compound NDI polyurethane materials as tread meterial, which has following features: 
       a. High coefficiency of friction                  b.Good braking performance
       c. Heavy load bearing capacity                d. Excellent resistance to mechanical wearing
For material handling industry and engineering machinery, we provide customed engineering services to meet the strict requirements from customers, including tread material performance, wheel sizes and wheel rim materials. Diameters in available are from 150mm to 600mm, maximum load capacity up to 6tons.