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Polyurethane Mid Rollers For Rubber Track

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These wheels is specially customed for agriculture rubber tracked tractors, including polyurethane mid rollers, idle rollers and drive undercarriage wheels. We provide No Bond Failures Guarantee . The material has the best heat resistance and bonding perf
Product parameters
Polyurethane wheels: Engineering Machinery
Polyurethane Wheels For Rubber Track System
As polyurethane material expert, we compound special heat resistant polyurethane material with strong wearing resistant for drive wheels, idle wheels, midroller wheels for all rubber tracked machines.
 Meanwhile we design the polyurethane material with lower friction and resistance
Reliability and Durability Guarantee
• Best polyurethane to metal bonding quality, No failure guarantee.
• Best resistance to wearing, aging, cutting and impacting.
• Best dynamic rolling performance to protect rubber track.
• Best design by FEA for durability.